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Widow’s Watch D&D Setting


Widow’s Watch is a coastal trading port loosely based on the real-world city of Astoria, Oregon


Widow’s Watch was a coastal community of Elves, Gnomes, Fey and other races until humans from the lands of Eton arrived. Realizing the potential for trade, they set up a post and began encouraging ships to land and engaged other races (like dwarves and the Yo Hai from overseas) for employment and economic gain. Everything was fine for decades with the new human element until about 20 years ago, when a military force began chopping down the coastal forest south of the current location of Goblin’s Choice. Tension between the humans and elves rose until it peaked at The Battle of Goblin’s Choice, where the elves were ultimately driven out westward into the high forests.

Today Widow’s Watch is a large trade hub governed by Parliament. South of town the hills of the Coastal Kingdom are razed for the construction of a gigantic Navy of ships, centered around the town of Orchards. East of Widow’s Watch, along the Tears Of The World is the main trading partner of Falwockernorfineim Gramsaminempristy Loppen-tottem-Fanaynay-Nay (Gnome City).



There are 3 sections of town. Uptown is on the hill overlooking the river and is populated by some members of Parliament, wealthy traders, some older residents, etc. There is also The Spire, which is a large column that sits on the top of the hill above Uptown.

Downtown features The Scales, blacksmiths, pubs (including Buckets of Blood), and where medium wealth people live. Most residents here live above the businesses that they own.

The Mud is right on the water. A ramshackle collection of huts, shacks and tents are strewn among the docks where ships load and unload goods. Most people here are destitute and work on the docks. The Mud is segregated racially (the asian population have a large contingent here). People call it the mud because it floods pretty regularly.


God Coin reigns supreme although Pelor, Wee Jas, and Fharlaghn all have temples. There used to be a temple to Ehlonna but word is that the priestess has left and lives in the forest to the east of town.


Widow’s Watch is a main trading hub for the Coastal Kingdom. Most trade is done at The Scales and yearly business meetings are held during Trading Day. In addition to normal goods, there is (unfortunately) a healthy trade in slaves done by a group people call Slavers. Slaves are easily identifiable by their numerous tattoos, often done in designs that reflect their owner’s trade or family crest.

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